Intake Documents

Please print and fill out the intake documents prior to your first appointment. We will also need to make a copy of your identification and insurance card (if you are using that as payment) so please bring those.


This notice describes how clinical information about clients may be used and disclosed, as well as how you can gain access to this information. You are responsible for reading the Notice of Privacy of Practices but do not need to print it out. This will also be available for you to read at your session.

If you are unable to print out or read the documents prior to the appointment note that they will be available to you in the office. I’d encourage you to come a few minutes early to complete paperwork so that it won’t take up your session time. 


I do provide video sessions, also known as Telehealth, Teletherapy, or Telemedicine, and am currently requesting that all of my clients read and sign the Telehealth Consent form. Please click on the Telehealth Guide to gain an understanding of how to utilize the option as well as some instructions for how to make it successful. If we choose to meet using Telehealth I will be sending you specific instructions on how to use it for our session.

Please note that not all insurance companies accept Telehealth and it is your responsibility to determine if this is covered in your insurance plan. Currently Out-of-Pocket clients as well as those with Kaiser and Apple Care are automatically approved but other insurance companies are plan-specific. Many plans have now made exemptions and are covering clients to utilize Telehealth who originally wouldn’t be covered.